How we help


  • About Croton Caring


    Croton Caring was formed in 1981 with the mission to enlist the resources of the community to help the frail, elderly, homebound and families in need of temporary assistance, enabling them to maintain their independence and dignity.  Croton Caring’s programs and services address the changing demographic and needs of all Croton residents, including initiatives focused on children and families facing food and financial insecurity.  Croton Caring’s programs to help families in need include:  

    • Holiday Food Basket ProgramWe distribute food baskets four times throughout the year (Thanksgiving, December Holidays, Spring Break and Summer/July) to 60 Croton families, comprising more than 250 residents and 125 children.  At each delivery, a family receives 4-6 boxes of perishables (milk, butter, eggs, bread and protein) and non-perishables (much-needed breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack foods). 

    • Holiday Gift Program and Boredom Buster ProgramsIn connection with our December Holidays Food Baskets, we provide more than 125 children with items of need (clothing, etc.) and items of want (toys, etc.) as well as family gifts.  Children 12 years old and younger also receive a winter jacket in the color of their choosing.  In connection with our Summer Food Baskets, we provide children (ages 12 and under) with games, crafts, activities and sports equipment to enjoy during the summer.


    • Mobile Food PantryWe partner with Meals on Main Street to bring a free mobile food pantry to Croton eight (8) times per year to provide fresh produce, proteins and other items.  


    • Academic Support, College Readiness and Enrichment – Working collaboratively with the Croton Harmon School District, we provide students with financial support to ensure that they have the same experience as other students.  Grants range from fees for college applications and college tests to costs for sports and musical equipment to costs associated with extracurricular activities (yearbooks, school trips, prom, junior prom, etc.).   


    • School Supplies & Backpack Program – We provide more than 95 Croton students in need with: (a) a backpack in the color of their choosing; (b) all of the school supplies on their class list (grades K-8) or a $55 gift card to Robbins Pharmacy to purchase any necessary supplies (grades 9-12); (c) two, $25 gift cards to local businesses; and (d) a free back to school haircut (grades 5-12).