Croton Caring

Neighbors helping neighbors since 1981

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Caring for our community

Croton Caring is a community driven organization supporting elderly and families in need, providing them with social engagement, quality of life and dignity.


Our volunteers

Interested in helping our Croton neighbors in need?

Each year it is our many community volunteers that help make our events successful.
What makes our volunteers keep coming back to help?

Our volunteers find it rewarding to be hands-on in helping neighbors right in their backyard.
Wondering how you can get involved?

Join us. Bring a friend, a significant other or your children. You can make a difference. A little time goes a long way.


Public Responses

“I wanted to send a note to share with you the impact you had on my family. My girls have been waiting all summer for their backpacks to arrive and you did not disappoint. They waited by the door starting at 9am and rushed to your deliverer as soon as they saw him get out of the car. They were so excited! So much so that they asked if they could sleep with their backpack tonight. You are a blessing to me and my girls.”
“I would like to say thank you very much to everyone that makes Croton Caring possible. Thank you for the food that we received for Thanksgiving including the turkey, we had a very nice family dinner. May God bless everyone for what you are doing for others.”
“The Croton Caring committee has been a wonderful helping organization for so many years. You have inspired so many people to reach out happily and generously across several generations, to provide helping hands truly caring for one another.”